Tithi is considered as the first phase or portion (Kala) of the 16 phases of the Moon. The 15 days, commencing from Amavasya (the last day of the dark half of a lunar month) to Purnima (Full moon), are called the Tithis of the Shukla-Paksha (brighter phase) and the days commencing from Purnima to Amavasya are called Krishna Paksha (darker phase).


The fifth part of the Panchang is Vaar or weekday. Vaar is the time between one sunrise and the next. There are seven Vaars, i.e, Ravivaar, Somvaar, Mangalvaar, Buddhvaar, Brihaspativaar, Shukravaar and Shanivaar. Mangalvaar and Shanivaar are considered unlucky for any auspicious activity. Ravivaar is partially auspicious. Somvaar, Buddhvaar, Brihaspativaar and Shukravaar are considered good for auspicious works.


Nakshatra is the first ang, or part of the Panchang. According to Indian Vedic astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras. In muhurtha astrology, a 28th Nakshatra is also counted, called the Abhijeet Nakshatra. Abhijeet Muhurtha is considered very lucky for all significant work. Hence if you include Abhijeet, the Nakshatra count becomes 28.


Date Day(Var) Thithi Nakshatra Yog Karan
21 July 2014 Monday(Somvar) Krishna Dashami (Up to 19:42. After that Krishna Ekadashi) Krittika (Whole Day) Ganda (Up to 26:45. After that Vriddhi) Vanija (Up to 07:23. After that Vishti)
22 July 2014 Tuesday(Mangalvar) Krishna Ekadashi (Up to 20:42. After that Krishna Dwadashi) Krittika (Up to 05:52. After that Rohini) Vriddhi (Up to 26:40. After that Dhruva) Bava (Up to 08:08. After that Balava)
23 July 2014 Wednesday(Budhvar) Krishna Dwadashi (Up to 22:08. After that Krishna Trayodashi) Rohini (Up to 07:43. After that Mrigashira) Dhruva (Up to 26:55. After that Vyaghata) Kaulava (Up to 09:22. After that Taitala)
24 July 2014 Thursday (Guruvar) Krishna Trayodashi (Up to 23:54. After that Krishna Chaturdashi) Mrigashira (Up to 09:55. After that Ardra) Vyaghata (Up to 27:24. After that Harshana) Gara (Up to 10:59. After that Vanija)
25 July 2014 Friday (Shukravar) Krishna Chaturdashi (Up to 25:57. After that Amavasya) Ardra (Up to 12:25. After that Punarvasu) Harshana (Up to 28:06. After that Vajra) Vishti (Up to 12:54. After that Shakuni)
26 July 2014 Saturday (Shanivar) Amavasya (Up to 28:11. After that Shukla Pratipada) Punarvasu (Up to 15:10. After that Pushya) Vajra (Up to 28:56. After that Siddhi) Chatushpada (Up to 15:03. After that undefined)
27 July 2014 Sunday(Ravivar) Shukla Pratipada (Up to 30:35. After that Shukla Dwitiya) Pushya (Up to 18:04. After that Ashlesha) Siddhi (Whole Day) Kintughna (Up to 17:22. After that Bava)
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