Placement of a planet in particular house gives benefic or malefic results to the person concerned and therefore by his placement a planet makes a special effect which is called Yoga. There are a number of yoga in astrology which have been described in details in various classical. These are benefic yogas as well as malefic yoga. According the lordship of a planet in a particular horoscopes yogas have been named according to their nature. Here we are describing some important yoga which are if present in a horoscopes then make a difference.

Raj Yogas: The Lagna lord itself in lagna, with 4th house , with 5th house, Lagna with 9th hoses or with 1oth house. 4th lord with 5th house, 4th lord with 9th house or 4th, 4th lord with 10th house
5TH lord with 9th house or 5th lord with 10th house
9th lord with 10th house or 9th lord with 4th house

All these Raja Yogas give name , fame and wealth in their Dasha.

7TH house if make relation with other Kendra or Trikona houses can give Raj yoga provided it should not badly place or aspected by malefic planets.

Dhana Yogas: Apart from above yoga which give wealth and fame, these are some other Yoga which give only wealth and not name and therefore called Dhan Yogas
Lagna with 2nd lord/house, Lagna with 11th lord/house.
2nd with 5th house/lord, 2nd with 9th house/lord.
2nd with 1oth house/lord, 2nd with 11th house/lord

Arishta Yoga: The trik house(6th , 8t,h, 12th ) play a dominant role when they have PAC with Kendra and Trikona Lord/Houses. If Marka planets/houses are also have PAC with above lord/house, the result are still more adverse.

Daridrya Yoga: When all planets either debilitated or in inimical sign/houses in Navmsha chart. More especially if planets are exalted or own house in main chart. The same position of lord as given in Arishta Yoga makes Daridrya Yoga.
Lagan Lord in 12th houses and 12th lord in lagan PAC with Mark houses lord and unaspected by 5th and 9th lord
Lagan lord is in 6TH house and 6th lord is in Lagan with Mark houses lord and unaspected by 5th and 9th lord.
Lagna or The Moon afflicted by Ketu, Lagna lord in 8th house PAC with mark lord.
Kemadruma Yoga or Papa - Katri yoga to house /lord
Saturn and Mars place in 2nd House.
Sun in 2nd house with aspected Saturn.
2nd lord in 8th house.
Mercury in 2nd house with Malefic and aspected By Moon.

The Yoga Made from Sun:

Veshi Yoga: Planet in 2nd house from Sun ;

Voshi Yoga: Planet in 12th house form sum

Ubhayachari Yoga: Planet in 2nd and 12th form the sun

The Yoga Made from Moon:

Adhi Yoga: When benefic planet placed in 6th , 7th , 8th house form Moon

Sunfapha Yaoga: Planet in 2th house form Moon

Anapha Yoga: Pnanet in 12th house from Moon: Healthy, Famous, All comforts, Happy.

Durudhara Yoga : Planet in 2th and 12th form Moon: Good speech, Healthy , Wealthy, Famous, all Comforts, Happy.

Kemadruma Yoga: Absence of planets both side of house form Moon: Bereft of wife , Children, learning, Mental peace, Suffer Humiliation, Misery, Physical illness, Poverty (This yoga can be canceled if any planet is in 1th from Moon or from Lagna or many planets aspecting the Moon or Moon is in Exaltation or friendly sign is in Kendra.

Vasumati/Vasuman Uoga: When benefices occupy 3rd , 6th, 10th, 11th house (Upachaya) form Moon or lagna this yoga is formed. Person will be very wealthy and enjoys all comforts of life.

Lagnadhi Yoga: Benefic Planets are in 6th, 7th and 8th from lagna: High status, CNC, Good Health, long life, prosperity, good politician.

Amalaa Yoga: Anyn planet in 10th house form lagna or Moon: Like by ruler, Enjoy all physical pleasures , charitable, helpful, lasting fame.

Budha Adhity Yoga: When Sun and Mercury are together in one sign: intellifent, Good Memofy.

Gaj Keshri yoga: Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon or Lagna:- The Person will be intelligent , wealthy, and successful in this his career, enjoys lasting fame and has social status.

Chander-Mangal Yog: Moon with Mars : The person will have wealth, winner in fight , earn money through women, wine, and disobedient to mother.

Panch Mahapurash Yogas

Ruchaka by Mars (the Warrior), Bhadra by Mercury (learned, intelligent), Hansa by Jupiter (High moral, religious nature), Malavya by Venus (Found of good things, music) and Shasha by Saturn (Cruel, leader of Workers)

Maha Bhagya Yoga: Female born in night with even sign of Lagna, Moon & Sun, Where as Male born in Daytime with Odd Sign of lagna, Moon & Sun - King/Queen, Good Physic, Good fortune, character, wealthy , Lasting fame.

Exchange of House: This Yoga promise wealth, high status, and all type of enjoyment in life.

When all planets placed in continue in series in seven house.

Neech Bhang Roj Yoga:
1. If a debilitated planet's sign in his exalted.
2. If debilitated planet is with a planet that is exalted in same sign
3. If debilitated planet is aspected by sign lord.
4. If debilitated planets is Kendra from lagna or Moon
Result: Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga gives good result like a exalted planet, but not with oust some king of initial trouble or scandal.

Sarswati Yoga: When Mercury, Jupiter & Venus placed in Kendra/Trikona or in 2nd house and Jupiter should be in good position of own house or Mooltrikona or exalted sign.

Shanks Yoga: When lagna is strong and 5th & 6th lord are Kendra from each other.

Vipreet Raj-Yoga

Harsha Yoga: When 6th lord is in 6th , 8th 12th house and malefic planet placed in 6th house or aspects it Result: Such person will overcome his enemies, he will keep friendship with highly settle people of the society and he will have wealth, name fame, friend and son. It will give him happiness, good fortune, well build and strong constitution body.

Sarala Yoga: When 8th lord is in 6th , 8th or 1th house Result : Person will long lived without fear, will have children and wealth and will achieve success in his undertaking.

Vimal yoga:When 12th lord is 6ht , 8th , 12th houses : Result: Person will be cleaver in making his bank balance, he wil be cheerful by nature and will always be willing to co-operate in social activities. He will be famous for righteousness and independent views and good behavior with all.

Raj Yoga by Rahu/Ketu: Rahu or Ketu placed in trines houses Kendras lord or in Kendras with trines lord gives Raj Yoga in its dasha.

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