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Year 2017


The coming year has much excitement in store for you, passionate Aries. There will be challenges to overcome, new lessons to learn and life issues to face head on, but with your optimistic nature and natural born leadership skills, you can take all of this in an easy stride. The year will bring you success in multiple ways, my fiery friend, if you continue to harvest that famous positive attitude. Although you prefer success to come to you quickly, this year you will have to develop a bit more patience than your red-hot spirit is used to handling.

It certainly won't be easy for your hot-blooded, restless self, but understand that in 2017, time and patience will bring you interesting and wonderful rewards. There is no time for negativity: keep your eyes on the prize and your mind in a calm place, and you will get through the year in true fire sign style...a blaze of glory! This is the time for you to practice what you do best, Aries. Use your tremendous and vibrant energy to focus entirely on yourself: your health, spirituality, goals and aspirations. If a new opportunity to treat yourself comes along, don't hesitate to jump, and always keep your energy dazzling and optimistic, no matter what new obstacles attempt to obscure your path.

Remember to keep those occasional moody moments and tiny tantrums under control, especially around early May, when Mercury directs in Aries, as this is the crucial month of the year for you. You will feel as if you're being tested, in strength and character, with different issues during the month, but a constant reinforcement of your innate positivity will help you sail through May unscathed and possibly bring about some exciting new surprises for you throughout the rest of the year.


You are the quiet, dependable rock, dear Taurus. You take solace in organization, and like it very much when all of your ducks are in order. This year, you will find that these fundamental personality traits will be challenged, as 2017 is a year of change for you. Don't panic, my patient friend, this year of change is good! The Universe will ensure it all goes smoothly for you, as long as you are willing to relax your stubborn nature and embrace new endeavors....just a little bit.

The year begins with the onset of saturn's afflication for you, Taurus, on January 27. Its effects for your sun sign will be neutral, but it wouldn't hurt to begin this first month of the year by reinforcing some positive ideas regarding the nature of change. You can start with small things, like rearranging the bedroom furniture or painting the kitchen a more "edgy" color, and then slowly move on to the more difficult issues.

You have a natural aversion to change, as your element is Earth, and you prefer to be comfortably rooted in the ground. Prepare yourself the first three months of this year, and you will see some curious and interesting new things happening in early April and continuing through May. Relinquish your inclination to control, and cling to your natural calm and patient nature throughout these two months, and you will be more than happy with the new path that unfolds before your eyes. You will be very pleased, Taurus, as the onset of saturn's afflication for you around October 27 is very favorable, and by the 31st of October, you will begin to see the fruit of these changes ripen, particularly in love, relationships and money. All you need is a little faith in the stars!


This is the year, Gemini, when all of your hard work and dedication will begin to pay off in all elements of life: career, family, love, health and money. The Universe acknowledges that you've been striving hard to reach your goals, and the rewards will be plentiful in 2017, as long as you are able to maintain focus, structure and discipline in each of your endeavors. This is not easy for you, my light-hearted friend, as you tend to operate like the Air: you breeze in and out of everything without focusing too much on one thing.

In 2017, your challenge will be to choose a task and stick to it, whether it be an important relationship or an exciting new career project. You are the most adaptive of all of the sun signs. In fact, change is something you embrace wholeheartedly. You are always willing to accept and embrace the "hot new thing," but once embraced, Gemini, you have to apply yourself and stay with it. No more running away from a task just because you feel bored. You will see some challenges in the beginning of the year, on January 26, with Saturn moving into Sagittarius, and you will need to focus strongly on health and your personal relationships during this time.

With dedication and focus, you will find yourself rewarded in those areas as early as February and March. If this emphasis on focus makes you nervous, don't sweat it. Use your wonderful open and communicative nature to ask for help. Friends, colleagues and lovers are always willing to help you, Gemini, because they are naturally attracted to your charms. Let these helpers keep you on track. Throughout the year, ask them to keep you aware when you veer off the path or become distracted. With a little help from your friends, 2017 will be a fantastic year for you, Gemini!


2017 is a good year to concentrate on what's most important to you, Cancer: the comforts of domesticity, family and friends. You will find great surprises and rewards if you stick close to home this year; your familial and personal relationships will strengthen, and your home will transform into that place of serenity and security that you have been longing to create.

Beginning the year, around early March, when Venus is retrograde in Pisces, you will discover a new strength of mind, body and spirit. This strength will give you the energy to complete projects at home, like renovations or alterations to decor. You have been wanting to make some serious changes to your "little heaven" for some time now. March is the time to put these plans into action. You will find strength in relations with family members during this time as well, Cancer. Don't be afraid to say what you need to say, express your opinions and profess your love. Even a long-term family conflict can be resolved in March, my friend, if you play your cards right and communicate your needs effectively. Don't blame or shame; just be honest and straightforward.

Your sun sign is representative of home and family; these are the most important elements of Cancer's life. The Universe is asking you to focus all of your attention on domestic issues this year, Cancer, so you will find that 2017 is not an especially profitable year for you. Your finances are stable, and you won't see to much fluctuation in money matters until the year's end. Be careful in September, when Jupiter moves to Libra, as you could lose some money in an unwise investment endeavor. Better to leave money matters alone, Cancer, and don't get too aggressive, as the Universe has other plans for you. If you focus on your natural born domestic skills, by the year's end, you will find the joy in home and family that you have been dreaming about!


Leo, you are a true pleasure seeker, and 2017 promises to bring you a great deal of that which you love most, my friend. Your rewards will come as you show the Universe that you can control your ego and lessen the drama in your life. For you, Leo, all of life is a stage! Sometimes, this point of view works very well for you, as it brings you all of the wonderful attention that you crave, but at other times, this dramatic philosophy brings you distress.

This year, Leo, only accept the starring roles, and learn to weed out all of the bad scripts. In February, with Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, you will begin to be tested, as a number of obstacles will face you, involving money, family and career. Don't get overheated, angry and demanding, my fiery friend, during these trials. Instead, take a softer approach and try to listen to the other side. This approach will help you sail smoothly through these trials. In August, you will find yourself feeling on fire, Leo. You will be burning to try something new, whether it be in love or business, but this is not the time to blaze, my friend.

Take it easy and don't be too aggressive with any endeavor. You will find a less aggressive approach will bring you more reward this time. When December rolls around, Leo, you can relight your fire. This is the time to try that crazy, new adventure which you have recently been pondering. This year, it's all about you learning to control your fire. There will be times to burn bright and times to let your embers cool. You will discover the difference throughout 2017, Leo, and your heart, mind and body will be stronger than ever before!

You are highly practiced at being practical, Virgo, and your organized and analytical approach to life provides you with a strong sense of peace and stability. 2017 will be a good year for you, my Earthy friend, but there will be times that the Universe will shake things up. You will experience moments of chaos that will make you uncomfortable, and your constant search for perfection will be challenged. This is only the Universe offering you opportunities for growth. You are all about self-improvement, Virgo, and you are hard on yourself and on friends and family.

In 2017, you will have multiple opportunities to soften your critical side and give your beautiful self the chance to relax and enjoy the chaos. Early in the year, Virgo experiences saturn's afflication onset, on January 27, which is when you will begin to be tested. January is the time to practice tolerance and acceptance of those around you, and to try to make efforts to be less critical. Understand that although the seeking of perfection is admirable, it is virtually impossible to achieve, especially for non-Virgos. Be more forgiving of mistakes made by others; the time is now to let small things roll off your back. If you do this early, you may avoid conflicts with family that will arise in February, when Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo.

It is difficult for you to relinquish control and allow the world to do as it will. This is your greatest life challenge, my practical friend, but you can do it. In March, with Venus retrograde in Pisces, you will feel very strong psychologically. This is the time to focus on self-improvement, not in an attempt to be more perfect, but rather in an attempt to be less so. Realize that you already are a perfect being, Virgo, and let yourself be at peace!

Libra, you are the friend of the world! Always charming, you have the gift of making others feel loved and important. This talent will bring you many treasures in 2017. You can expect to gain a refreshing balance and harmony at home and at work, and a strengthening of your partnerships in both love and family throughout the year, but some challenges may affect your light and airy nature. Libra, you like to try and please everyone around you, and this often puts you in a sticky situation. Many times, you feel exhausted, and deep down, you realize that you often neglect yourself in an effort to put everyone else first.

On January 26, Saturn moves into Sagittarius, and you may see yourself at the center of a family conflict at this time. This is no problem for you, Libra, as you are a born diplomat and can easily mediate the situation; however, you will feel very strongly about this particular matter and may be compelled to take sides. This is a new and uncomfortable situation for you, but allow for your opinion to be known. This time, when you take sides, it will actually work out for all parties involved. You may have to suffer the consequences of this conflict a little bit in April, when Mercury is retrograde in Aries, but things will calm down by the end of the month. Your loved ones will respect you for standing your ground.

You must work to overcome your compulsion to please everyone all of the time, Libra, and taking a stand during this family conflict will help you to resolve your issue. After a while, your spirit will strengthen and you will feel more confident about expressing your own opinion. Understand that the displeasure of others is usually transitory, and those who truly love you will never abandon you, no matter what your personal convictions may be. One of your convictions has always been to travel. Perhaps, you have been planning a special holiday or an exciting long-term adventure abroad.

You move through life like the element that represents you, Scorpio. Like Water, you are an enigma of wondrous extremes. On day, you are calm and collected, with a glassy surface; the next, you are a tidal wave headed for shore. Your liquid nature makes you both highly energetic and highly emotional. Both of these attributes sometimes overwhelm you in life, but in 2017, the Universe offers you great opportunities to learn to control your emotions and harness your energy, which will create many wonderful new things in your life.

Water can alter terrain and power great cities, and you have that amazing power within yourself, Scorpio. Positive thinking and emotional reasoning will help you gain control over your own power. Early in the year, on January 27, when Saturn moves to Sagittarius, a very positive time for you begins. This is the time to prepare for the year ahead; this is the time to change your outlook on life and the way you approach life's challenges. Start reading self-help books regarding how to change negative thoughts to neutral or positive thoughts. You will experience some pressures at work during this time and possibly some dental problems. Small obstacles like these can bring you over the edge if you allow your emotions to take charge.

You will see more challenges arise around April 6, with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, and you may feel a bit depressed. You are prone to depression; Scorpio, it is a part of your nature and nothing to be ashamed of. April is the time to think about getting help for this in a big way. It will change your life for the better and allow you to be more successful in every way. Going to see a therapist is a great idea, as these professionals can teach you many tools for staying positive and avoiding depressive states. It will also be great for you to join a social group at this time, such as a book club, Toastmaster's group or gaming club. Socialization will help you feel like an important and intricate part of your community.

Your natural optimism has been a powerful force for you throughout your life, Sagittarius, and it will continue to assist you throughout 2017. You are truly a free spirit, and you dearly value your independence. This is a wonderful attribute, but this year you will have the opportunity to develop more lasting relationships in both love and work that will require commitment from you, my fiery friend. Commitment is difficult for you, as you don't like to feel that your freedom is compromised; however, in 2017, you will find stability that is both freeing and joyous if you are willing to open your mind to such possibilities. Early in the year, you will have the opportunity to embrace something new in both your personal and professional life. Although these endeavors will frighten you at first, you should commit to them wholeheartedly, and your life will improve dramatically. You are the most likeable of the sun signs, Sagittarius, and you are always willing and able to assist your friends and family with anything they may need.

This year will provide you with many opportunities to help those in need. Early in the year, around January 8, when Mercury directs in Sagittarius, you will be asked to assist a stranger in need. Your kind heart could never say "no" to such a request, and the Universe will repay you handsomely for this good deed. In February, you may be asked to do some charitable work. This will require a small commitment of time from you, and may hamper your freedom a bit, but the Universe is always watching, and you will be held in favorable regard. 2017 is also the year for some self-improvement, Sagittarius. You are sometimes overly sensitive and can easily be hurt by the criticism of others. Try to develop a thicker skin, my friend. Practice exercises in developing a stronger sense of self-worth.

Your ambition is impressive, Capricorn. You aspire to great things, and expect nothing but ultimate success in love, business and family. The Universe respects your desire to succeed, but in 2017, you will need to step carefully regarding the path you take on your way to success. Remember that although you are industrious and competitive, you have many people surrounding you that are a huge support system. Don't forget these important people; remember to continually give them thanks and kudos. Loyalty to your support system can only bring you greater reward, Capricorn.

Be very careful not to step on anyone's toes this year. In January, a close friend will ask you for help. Take the time to assist this person, even though you are very busy with your own personal endeavors, as it will reinforce a loyal friendship that you will depend on later in the year. Your continued quest for success in business will bring you a slow and steady financial gain, beginning in February and culminating in June, when Jupiter directs in Virgo. You will be congratulating yourself on your efforts at this time, Capricorn, but be careful not to get a big head. Remember all those other people in your life who have helped you along. Two coworkers in particular have been crucial to this new financial gain; offer them congrats and share some of your profit.

This year, you will need to spend some time offering recognition and gratitude to coworkers, lovers, friends and family. You love to be recognized and appreciated, Capricorn, and now it is your turn to give, rather than receive. Write thank-you notes, make homemade brownies, buy flowers and give everyone you know and love an extra pat on the back. You will find that when you are consistently generous, loving and positive, the Universe will respond in kind. The more you give, the more you get, my Earthy friend, in ways that you can't even imagine!

Ah, lovely Aquarius, the most original of all the sun signs, you are a leader in every way, and you refuse to follow the crowd. You have your own ideas, and nothing makes you happier than to see your dreams come to life. You will have numerous opportunities to fulfill your aspirations this year, Aquarius, as 2017 will bring you many good things domestically and financially. You will face new challenges as well; these are situations that may test your strong opinions about life.

You have a stubborn nature about you, my breezy friend, and you may need to open your mind to alternative ways of thinking this year. This will be your biggest challenge, as you feel your opinions are crucial to your identity, but you must realize that you are not always right in all things, Aquarius. Sometimes a new way of looking at the world can bring you many gifts. At the beginning of the year, around February, a challenging and exciting opportunity will come your way. It will be a creative project, and it will be very appealing to you. At first, you may feel as though you are in over your head on this project, but give it a little time. Trust your instincts and brilliant ideas, and this venture is sure to be a success. Take care to be open to new ways of working on this endeavor; try not to be stubborn regarding how things get done. Just get them done, Aquarius!

Springtime in 2017 brings you luck in love, my airy friend. You will feel a strong sense of stability at home and with family, and you can expect a surprise gift from a lover or a sibling around April. Later summer and mid-August is a time for Aquarius to be cautious. Hold your money close, and steer clear of the temptation to be involved in gossip of any kind. You are usually kind and easygoing, my friend, but sometimes you can be tempted by idle chatter. In September, when Mercury directs in Leo, you will find yourself in a situation where you must avoid confrontation at all costs. Stay quiet, and let the other party play the fool. Remain centered, and this situation will be resolved. The end of 2017 will be good for you, Aquarius. You will experiences riches in life, love and finances all due to your kind-hearted nature and creativity!

The most intuitive of all the sun signs, Pisces, you have a rich imagination and a deep, sensitive soul. In 2017, you can expect new growth in spirituality, love and familial relationships, as well as a period of intense creativity and productivity. Your intuition will help you a great deal this year, with business and personal relationships. You have always relied on your good instincts, so remain faithful to that this year, as in 2017, you may find yourself occasionally tested.

When you are challenged and overwhelmed, Pisces, you sometimes doubt your natural intuitive nature. Don't fall prey to that pattern this year. Your intuition is your strongest quality, not only do you depend upon it, but some do many of your loved ones. Everyone around you deeply trusts your hunches, my fishy friend. In 2017, do all that you can to continue to develop this sensitivity, and you will find that it continues to bring you amazing gifts in all aspects of your life. In early January, you will be called upon to help a friend in need. This friend will ask you for guidance regarding a crucial matter in their life; it will likely be a dire financial situation. Trust your instinct on this one, Pisces, and offer your friend the advice that immediately comes to mind. You already know the right answer.

In February, when Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo, you will experience some conflict in work. Likely, this issue will not involve you directly, but you will feel pressured to take sides. This will definitely be a difficult situation, Pisces, but try to remain neutral. You will feel strongly toward one party, but do not let it show. Stay calm and collected, and the conflict will dissipate. Early spring brings you a wonderful and auspicious time of great positivity, my friend.  In early June, when Jupiter directs in Virgo, you will experience a period of intensely good health, energy and creativity. During this time, you will produce great things in your business and artistic endeavors. You will also experience great balance and harmony in all of your personal relationships. Home life will be peaceful and wonderful; life will be beautiful! Keep working through the end of the year, Pisces.

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